A lot of sophisticated features ensure that your social extranet covers numerous applications.

Linchpin Extranet is the social extranet for your company. It covers all the requirements that a modern company places on an overarching online portal for its customers and partners. The following features characterize Linchpin Extranet and are requested by many of our customers.

Working together


Linchpin Extranet is based on the software Confluence by the Australian software developer Atlassian. Confluence is among the leading software solutions for collaboration and is used by over 85,000 companies around the world. The diverse features of this software range from digital project rooms through sophisticated rights concepts to social functions such as mentions, shares and likes. Confluence is the basis for all other extensions and features.


Microblog is a central function of the Linchpin Extranet. Benefit from fast and uncomplicated communication at a global level or within projects. Exchange important information and make discussions transparent and traceable. Microblogging in the Linchpin Extranet is similar to the well-known Facebook timeline and allows you to create short posts that can be published in a newsfeed. The entire project team stays up to date, can comment and communicate with each other.

Extended user profile

With the Custom User Profile, Linchpin Extranet offers the possibility to expand user profiles in terms of content, visually and technically. Create your own profile fields and create a realistic picture of the users. Benefit from good collaboration and start communicating by clicking on a user’s profile. Integration options range from email to telephone to chat applications like Skype, HipChat and Jabber.

Events calendar

Linchpin Extranet offers an event calendar (Easy Events) in which all events relevant to a customer or partner can be entered. For each event, there is a detail page with a RSVP function. There is a list and calendar view for all events. This way, both you and your business partners keep an eye on all dates.

User search

The user search in Linchpin Extranet allows you to search for colleagues, partners and customers using specific search criteria and profile characteristics, such as expertise, projects and branch. The search will take you directly to the profile of the respective user.


Users can leave comments on all Linchpin Extranet pages. Discussions are clearly displayed in thread form. It is even possible to add embedded images and files like PDFs to inline comments.

Share pages

Users can share extranet pages easily with other users to alert them to interesting and useful content. The recipients are automatically notified.

Automatic notifications

Linchpin Extranet offers numerous forms of automated notifications; e.g. messages on content changes, comments on your own content, notifications from your personal network, etc. All users can define what kinds of notifications they wish to receive.

Protection against simultaneous editing

Linchpin offers effective protection against simultaneous editing in order to avoid possible version conflicts and duplicated work. If one user is already editing a page that another user wants to edit, a prominent warning message is displayed.

Versioning and revision security

All work on content in Linchpin Extranet is transparent. Each time an extranet page is edited, the system automatically records and documents it. Users can review changes and compare them with one another. If necessary, a previous version of a page can be restored with a click of a button.


Isolated project rooms

Linchpin Extranet enhances Confluence by adding a central feature: Isolated project rooms, so-called Linchpin Extranet Spaces. While user-related data in Confluence can be viewed within the entire application, this is limited to the space level in Linchpin Extranet. With the Space Privacy add-on included in Linchpin Extranet, users can only see and interact with other users if they have access to the same Linchpin Extranet space.

Extranet administrators

The basic Confluence only supports administrators and space administrators. But only administrators have the right to create new users. That can be a hindrance in an extranet scenario because the administration of an extranet space should not be performed by the central administrator. Linchpin Extranet therefore adds the role of an Linchpin Extranet administrator, who can create users in their Linchpin Extranet space and manage their users’ rights.

Super user with switch user rights

What access rights does a customer have in the extranet, which spaces can they see, which sensitive content might they have access to and shouldn’t? Linchpin Extranet has a switch user function (SU), which allows administrators to log in as a specific user and simulate their access rights. This is useful when checking access restrictions and general configuration.

Terms of use

When a user logs into the Linchpin Extranet for the first time, a page with the terms of use is displayed to them. Once confirmed, the user is logged into the system. With Terms of Use, you are always on the safe side and can communicate your privacy guidelines clearly.

User Experience

Customer specific themes

The Linchpin Extranet interface is specifically designed to meet the requirements of an extranet, not just supporting power users, but also users who rarely log in. The Linchpin Theme Plugin also allows you to set different layouts in different Linchpin Extranet spaces, which can be configured within minutes. This separates spaces not only in terms of content but also visually.

Creating content with a click

Linchpin Extranet helps users effectively to collaborate on content. This is why the button for creating content in the extranet is accessible from everywhere. With a single click, users can select from various page templates and immediately start entering information.

Structured space templates

In order to create new Linchpin Extranet spaces quickly and easily, the Space Tree Creator can be used to create structured space templates, which can consist of any number of pages containing predefined content. Generate new Linchpin Extranet spaces, which contain all of the important information with a few clicks. Give your customers a new, fully functional workspace within just a few minutes.

Rich text editor

The Linchpin Extranet editor offers an intuitive user experience when creating and editing content. With all the basic word processing functions, the editor supports numerous formatting and page layouts, tables, images, integrated PDFs and files and multimedia content. What you see really is what you get.


File management and attachments

The editor supports file formats such as Office, PDF and others superbly. Attachments can be uploaded using drag & drop and are directly accessible on the extranet pages. Attached files and their content are automatically indexed by the search engine and can be found in the system at any time.

Exporting and printing content

Linchpin Extranet is designed so users can quickly print documents when they need a hard copy. In this way many documents from the extranet can be easily prepared, and the need to use external Office software is reduced. Pages can also be exported as a PDF or Word file with the click of a button.

Content search

Search in Linchpin Extranet allows you to effectively find the content you are looking for, even in large extranets. Quick search with autocomplete is accessible from anywhere and often leads directly to the target content. The extended search offers additional filters, in order to filter the search based on type of content, location, creator and other criteria. The search function will also search within attachments.


Use tags to categorize content in Linchpin Extranet. Tags can easily be added and removed. Existing tags are displayed as suggestions when entering, thus adding context and additional ways for your users to find content within the extranet.

Extensions within Linchpin Extranet

Linchpin Extranet is the social extranet for your company. It covers all the requirements that a modern company places on an overarching online portal for its customers and partners. Technically, it is based on the collaboration software Confluence produced by the Australian developer Atlassian. The features that are essential for a functional extranet that are missing in the standard Confluence are added via add-ons. We have compiled all add-ons that are relevant for an extranet in an Add-on Suite. Technically, Linchpin Extranet consists of Confluence plus the Add-on Suite. The individual components are listed here.

Do you have critical requirements that are not listed here? Linchpin Extranet offers a variety of optional features beyond the ones mentioned here. Please contact us and send us your requirements. We will check your requirements thoroughly and inform you whether Linchpin Extranet is the right solution for you.

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