Introductory Project

Our processes ensure your Extranet project is successful.

What are the advantages of our launch process?

You can launch your Linchpin Extranet completely by yourself and without our help. Both Confluence and the add-ons included in the Linchpin Extranet Add-on Suite are standard software components that work out-of-the-box. You just need to install Confluence, install all of the add-ons via the Atlassian Marketplace and configure them. However, many companies want support from an experienced partner for the launch. //SEIBERT/MEDIA therefore offers an introductory project at a fixed price. We accompany you from kickoff workshop to the system launch for a predictable cost, and we guarantee your project will be successful. Components do not have to be developed first, but rather are available as market-ready add-ons, which seamlessly integrate. From the beginning of the project you have access to a fully functional prototype of the Linchpin Extranet that includes all the functionality of the final system. The implementation follows modern, flexible and efficient development methods, which can also take account of late changes in requirements.

Overview of our services:

  • Extensive strategy workshop to launch the Linchpin Extranet project
  • Concept workshop on information archtecture, space structure and navigation as well as users, rights and roles
  • Concept workshop to define relevant Linchpin Extranet processes such as requesting new spaces, adding new users, archiving pages, etc.
  • Setting up the servers, installation of the software and the systems
  • Complete configuration of all Linchpin Extranet add-ons
  • Theming including help to finalize the design and implement the global theme
  • Administrator training
  • Key-user training
  • Project management
  • Support during the launch including a ‘hypercare’ phase

Realization and process

Functioning prototype from the beginning

Once you place an order, we will set up a working prototype for your project. As soon as your users begin to test the first prototype and try things out, it will be much easier to convince colleagues and management to support your project. Therefore, an early version of Linchpin is delivered at the beginning of the project. It may not yet match your corporate design, but most likely it is already much more powerful than your current extranet or an existing Confluence system. It includes all the add-ons that will be included in the final version. It is initially run on our servers because the deployment of the productive system and a suitable staging environment must be coordinated with your IT department, which may take some time. All installation and configuration of software, operating systems and hardware are covered by the fixed price guarantee.

Division between productive and staging system

In order to avoid downtime and to ensure the continuous operation of your Linchpin Extranet, we set up a test system in addition to the productive system. This system is a clone of the productive system with the same content and configuration, embedded in a similar system landscape. On this test system we install updates and new components and extensively test them, after which you will indicate your acceptance. Only then these changes will be integrated into the productive system.

Iterative and continuous delivery of product increments

The implementation of your project is based on the Scrum framework. The core of agile software development according to Scrum is the regular delivery of product increments to customers. The functions of the software are expanded incrementally, and with the first sprint the customer already receives a version of the software. At the end of each sprint, there is a review meeting where the development team presents the new functionalities to the customer. In addition, this agile approach allows us to take account changes to requirements that occur during the course of the project.

Continuous delivery

All of our software development processes are based on the Atlassian stack with JIRA, Bitbucket and Bamboo, and follow the continuous integration process. This supports a variety of scenarios, tested automatically in every development increment. We are happy to show you our current build plans and build pipelines from other projects.

Test system in live mode

Also in live mode, we will always be running a test and a staging system to ensure that new versions are tested extensively. In this way, updates and also comprehensive changes to the productive system are controlled and kept as short as possible.

Typical course of a project:

Project weekMilestone
Week 1Written order
Week 4Start of the first (official) sprint
Week 6First sprint review (official presentation of interim results)
Week 7Availability of a first prototype with a lot of the features
Week 8Second sprint review (official presentation of interim results)
Week 8Prototype is installed on customer's systems (requires support of your IT)
Week 10Third sprint review (official presentation of interim results)
Week 12Fourth sprint review (official presentation of interim results)
Week 14Fifth sprint review (official presentation of interim results)
Week 16Test phase has been carried out, new Extranet portal goes live
Week 18Acceptance received. Launch project successfully completed.

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Consult with an experienced service provider

In addition to a strong, flexible platform and a powerful, efficient process, an experienced and reliable partner is an important success factor to make your Linchpin Extranet a sustainable solution.


Since 1996, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has been a professional internet and intranet service provider with offices in Wiesbaden and San Diego. Over 100 employees make up independent interdisciplinary teams in all areas of the organization focusing on agile software development. The company covers all facets of strategy, consultation, conception, design, software development, operations and security. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is a leading service provider for software tools that promote communication and collaboration in companies and is among the leading Atlassian Experts in the world. More than 60% of all DAX companies are among our customers as are numerous other companies of all sizes from all types of industries. Linchpin intranets have been rolled out in companies with over 50,000 users all over the world.

Comprehensive project support

We take care of your Linchpin Extranet launch project from concept to delivery and offer the software system, licensing of all components, all necessary services for the implementation as well as introductory consultation, training and possibly hosting from a single source. For all of these aspects, we have experienced experts in our interdisciplinary teams with experience from hundreds of comprehensive web, intranet and extranet projects. Even after the rollout, we will not leave you alone with your Linchpin Extranet, but will be glad to help you further develop your system to enable your employees to use and to solve possible challenges quickly and smoothly.

Why a launch project with us?

  • //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the few extranet service providers that will deliver a fully functional test instance that can cover all requirements.
  • In comparison to other established extranet solutions, a Linchpin project is very cost-effective (much lower license costs, comparatively little service effort required).
  • We have a guaranteed fixed price for Linchpin launch projects. All requirements will be covered within this budget.
  • Many classical extranet projects are rather complex and time consuming. Linchpin can be rolled out to the users just a few months after the order was placed.
  • We have extensive experience with Confluence extranets. As proof of quality, we can provide you with contacts to other Linchpin reference customers on request.
  • The Confluence manufacturer Atlassian trusts the reliability of //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We are the biggest Atlassian partner in Germany and among the top 5 in the world.

Would you like to know if an introductory project at a fixed price is the right choice for you? Please feel free to contact us and tell us about your situation. We would be pleased to help you create a list of acceptance criteria together with you, or offer individual services for hourly billing if a complete introductory project appears too big for you.

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