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Price Overview

These prices include the cost of all software licenses required for Linchpin Extranet. If you are already using Atlassian software, used as a component of the extranet, the overall costs will be reduced accordingly. We only purchase those licenses that are really necessary to meet your requirements!

List of the licenses included in the standard package

The Linchpin Extranet is based on the collaboration software Confluence by the Australian manufacturer Atlassian. The functions that are essential for an extranet but are missing in standard Confluence are added via add-ons. We have compiled all plugins that are relevant for an extranet in an Add-on Suite. Technically, Linchpin Extranet is made up of Confluence plus the Add- on Suite. The individual components are listed here for you:

General information

All licenses are purchased via the Atlassian Marketplace in US Dollars. If you are purchasing from us in Euro, deviations based on the exchange rate are possible. When issuing the invoice we use the current exchange rate set by the European Central Bank.

Do you have questions about the prices or do you need further information? Contact us and we will take your needs into consideration. We will explain the licensing model, answer your questions about the Total Cost of Ownership, and provide you with recommendations for calculating internal costs within the project.

License conditions

The costs are calculated on a fixed-price basis, but vary depending on the Confluence license size. If you already have a Confluence license or own licenses for included add-ons, these costs will be deducted from the total price.

The initial license entitles the user to the unlimited use of the software and includes twelve months of support and updates from the manufacturer. In order to continue to receive support after the end of the first twelve months and to be able to download updates, software maintenance can be extended by another 12 months. The price for the renewal of the software maintenance is 50% of the then valid prices of the respective initial license.

Introductory project at a fixed price

An introductory project is completely optional. If you do not want to collaborate in an introductory project with us but you want to install the software yourself, you can simply buy the licenses – we will gladly advise you on functionality and prices.

This covers all necessary services to complete your introductory Linchpin project. This does not include custom programming, extensive legwork and broad, non-specific training courses. The project will end with the successful launch of your intranet.

The following services are usually part of a Linchpin project. Services actually provided are with the agreement of the project team and may differ from this list:

Overview of our services:

  • Extensive strategy workshop to launch the Linchpin Extranet project
  • Concept workshop on information archtecture, space structure and navigation as well as users, rights and roles
  • Concept workshop to define relevant Linchpin Extranet processes such as requesting new spaces, adding new users, archiving pages, etc.
  • Setting up the servers, installation of the software and the systems
  • Complete configuration of all Linchpin Extranet add-ons
  • Theming including help to finalize the design and implement the global theme
  • Administrator training
  • Key-user training
  • Project management
  • Support during the launch including a ‘hypercare’ phase


Item50 User100 User250 User500 User2.000 User10.000 User10.000+ User
Introductory project with guaranteed success$13,800 $13,800 $18,400 $23,000 $27,600 $34,500 $41,400

Terms of payment for the fixed-price Linchpin project

The prices in the table below refer to the fixed price for the Linchpin Extranet project, and do not include or affect license costs.

Timing50 User100 User250 User500 User2.000 User10.000 User10.000+ User
After placing of order$4,140 $4,140 $5,520 $6,900 $8,280 $10,350 $12,420
After 1 month $2,760 $2,760 $3,680 $4,600 $5,520 $6,900 $8,280
After 3 month $2,760 $2,760 $3,680 $4,600 $5,520 $6,900 $8,280
When the productive environment has
launched and after acceptance
$4,140 $4,140 $5,520 $6,900 $8,280 $10,350 $12,420
Total$13,800 $13,800 $18,400 $23,000 $27,600 $34,500$41,400